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High Capacity Hard Metal Submersible Sand Pump

High Capacity Hard Metal Submersible Sand Pump

High Capacity Hard Metal Submersible Sand Pump is durable and heavy duty submersible slurry pump.

High Capacity Hard Metal Submersible Sand Pump

Centrifugal submersible slurry pump are designed to handle a wide range of slurries and abraisive particles in submersible applications in industiral and mining organization. Clearing silt in sedimentation basin, pumping sand for seashore or ports, etc.

Application of submersible slurry pump

1. Submersible Slurry Pump is vertically submerged under water and driven by electric.

2. Suitable for conveying liquid with slurry, solid particles of gravel, cinders, tailings, etc.

3. Commonly used in river dredging, sand pumping vessel, sewage treatment plants, metallurgical industry, mining, power plants, etc.

4. The entire equipment is simplified without auxiliary mixing equipment or injecting device, making the operation more convenient.


Pump Capacity

Up to 2200m3/h

Pump Head

Up to 60m



Pump Material

Cr27, Cast iron, Stainless Steel

Casing and Impeller

27% Chrome white iron


Up to 70℃

Motor Speed

Up to 1480rpm

Solid Size


Motor Voltage


Pump show

hydraulic slurry pump.jpg

Selection Chart

selection chart.jpg

Performance Curves

Perofrmance curves.jpg

Spare parts

spare parts.jpg

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