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Heavy Duty Slurry Pump For Coal Mining

The MZJ series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Coal Mining is newly developed anti-wear, corrosion resistant design. Mainly used for coal, power, metallurgy etc.

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump For Coal Mining

1. General Introduction

MZJ series slurry pump is newly designed anti-wear, corrosion resistant slurry pump. Based on advanced international technology, it adopts excellent hydraulic model, structure design and good anti-wear materials, forms many distinctive features as high effective, energy conservation low vibration and noise, dependable operation, long service life, which is mainly used for coal, power, metallurgy, construction etc industries.

2. Application 

Mine: Transferring black and coloured ore pulp.

Metallurgy: slurries transferring for aluminum and steel plant.

Coal: Transferring of coal slurry

Power: Mortar transferring in power plant

Construction: Transferring of silt slurry (Concrete plant)

Chemical: Transferring for corrosive slurry in phosphorus fertilizer plant, etc.

Water Conservancy: Suction, draining, and delivery of river, lake that containing silt, grit etc.

3. Operation Conditions Of Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Coal Mining

  •  Speed: Motor directly driven 2900/1450/980/730/590 r/min; Or Diesel engine by coupling or belt.

  •  Medium Temperature: normal<80℃.

  •  Solid liquid mixture weight density: mortar density<45%

                                                                 Ore pulp density<60%

  •  Capacity range: 30~2000m3/h

  •  Head range: 15~130m

4. Shaft Seal

  •  Packing seal: High pressure sealing water, suitable for single operating pump or secondary pump with discharge pressure be lower than 10 times of suction pressure.

  •  Supplementary impeller+composite packing seal: add fresh water or grease in packing section.

  •  Mechanical seal: suitable for customers having strict requirements on leakage.

5. Bearing and lubrication systems

Bearing temperature is no more than 75℃, temperature change can’t be 40℃ of ambient temperature bearing adopts oil lubrication.

Note: Special bearing and lubrication oil can be used for special requirements.

6. Material of main components for Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Coal Mining

Pump Parts


Volute Casing


Front Plate Liner


Back Plate Liner




Shaft Sleeve




Pump Casing


7. Heavy duty slurry pump photo

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Coal Mining.jpg

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