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Split Case Pump Seal Arrangement

- May 10, 2018 -

Split Case Pump Seal Arrangement

Pump is shaft sealed by gland packing (standard) or optionally by mechanical seal. In the sealing area, the shaft is provided with easily replaceable protective sleeves.

Usually gland packing is lubricated by pumped liquid, except on applications which the fluid is inadequate for these functions. In these cases, use an external source with clean liquid, with a pressure of 1,5 to 3,0 bar (20 to 40 psi) over the suction pressure.

The volume of lubrication / sealing liquid of external source is obtained through the diagram according to fig. 7, and for wash use the same pressure and flow 10 times higher than that used for lubricating / sealing. Pressure and flow refer to values for each chamber.

Mechanical Seal Of Split Case Pump

After a short period of accommodation during operation, there is no more leakage.

Mechanical seal is composed fundamentally of one stationary face and one rotating face, which polished surfaces are kept

together by spring pressure.

Sealing materials should be compatible with pumped liquid.

Condition for safety and long operation, is based on a film of the liquid between the sealing faces and the generated heat being

appropriately absorbed by liquid circulation.

Depending on the pumping condition, this circulation can be of pumped liquid or liquid of external source.

Mechanical seals are constructed in many different materials and assembly arrangement, covering almost all of chemical and

physical characteristics of liquid to be pumped.

When requested, shaft sealing by mechanical seal additional information will follow separately.

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