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ISA Pumps Operation Manual

- May 03, 2018 -


Starting, Checking, Stopping, Running and Maintenance

1. Starting

1).Check that the direction of the motor rotation corresponds to the direction arrow on the pump casing before joint pump and motor together. Ensure that the pump is running freely without seizure or friction.

2).Turn down discharge valve.

3).Fill the pump with liquid or priming with a vacuum pump.

4).Switch on power, gradually turn up discharge valve after pump operation runs normally to achieve the target performance.

Caution: 3 minutes is the Max. continuous working time for a pump to operate with closed discharge valve.


2. Checking

1). Check direction of pump rotation, which should be clockwise viewing from the drive side.

2). Check alignment of the couplings both of pump and motor before using. Over-tolerance will damage flexible elements in a short time, and also cause over standard vibration as well as noise.

3). Check leakage of gland packing and tightness of gland cover; make them adequate to the job. If it is fitted with mechanical seal, make sure that the pump is operating with water inside; otherwise the dynamic and stationary rings would be worn out in dry operation

4). Check oil level, which should be kept in the specified range by oil gauge If it is grease, make sure that the bearings are filled with grease.


3. Stopping

1). Turn down discharge valve gradually, switch off the power.

2). Drain away water left inside the pump to avoid frost crack while the temperature is blew 0℃.

3). To keep a pump out of use for a long time, disassemble it into spare parts, store them in an appropriate place after lubrication.


4. Running and Maintenance

1). Readings by the meters are very important in starting and running. Care must be taken to heating, leakage, vibration and noise. Abnormal cases should be handled immediately on discovery. 

2). Bearings are not allowed to work at the temperature 40℃ higher than the temperature around, and the Max. temperature is 80℃.

3). In normal cases, a steady drip from the gland should be in a small amount, at about 60 drops per minutes while almost non-leakage from mechanical seal.

4). Lubrication should be 4# Calcium Base Grease or SAE20W Oil. Pumps working at 2900 rpm should be replenished with new oil or grease every period of 2500 working hours, 1450 rpm ones should be replenished every 5000 working hours. Ball bearings should be dismantled and replaced by the new ones every 10000 working hours, and also oil cup should be thoroughly cleaned out and filled with fresh lubrication.