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How to install waste water pump

- May 23, 2018 -

How to install waste water pump

• Take the pump out of the packaging and check for any transportation damage. 

• Check whether the delivery is complete based on the included Production Order Combination List. 

• Position and assemble the pump system on a suitable surface or suspend the pump using the grip. 

• Position the pump on a paved surface when there is mud and sand. 

• Check whether the pump impeller can turn freely. 

• Make sure that the distance between the bottom and the supply is at least the same as the free passage, see the technical information. 

• Assemble, if required, a non-return valve in the delivery pipe to prevent liquid flowing back. This non-return valve is already installed in the pump. 

• Assemble (if possible) a globe valve on the delivery side. 

• Install the highest point of the delivery pipe above the drain pipes of the street (ground level) to make sure that a drain return flow is not possible. 

• Install the cover strip over the turnbuckle of the bracket that is located between the suction strainer.