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Boiler Feed Water Pump On Site

- Apr 27, 2018 -

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2 Sets Boiler Feed Water Pump On Site 

Model DG pump is a horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump and suitable for transporting pure water (with the contained foreign matters' content less than 1% and graininess less than 0.1mm) and other liquids of both physical and chemical natures similar to those of pure water.

DG model middle and lowpressure boiler water supply pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 105℃ , and is also applicable for small boiler water supply

or transporting medium similar to hot water.

Pump Model: DG25-50x4 

Pump Capacity: 25m³/hr 

Pump Head: 200m 

Speed: 2950r/min 

NPSHr: 2.7m 

Pump Weight: 240kg 

Rated Motor Power: 37kw