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1 Sets Submersible Sand Dredging Pump In Vietnam

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Submersible Sand Pump.jpg

SS series Submersible Sand Dredging Pump 

This model SS150-30-30 is designed for Vietam Market for river sand dredging. 

Pump duty point: 150m³/hr@30m 

Dry Sand Capacity: 50m³/hr

Pump Speed: 980rpm 

Electric Motor Power: 30kw, 50hz 380v 

Main application of this kind of sand pump


Pumping tailing slurry for industrial and mining organizations, clearing silt in sedimentation basin, pumping silty sand or fine sand for seashore or port, pumping powdery iron ore for foreign countries, etc.

The overflowing parts adopt wear-resistant alloy material and have long service life. In suitable construction environment, the mating is simple and convenient in operation and application. If the sand is large, high pressure gun can be added to increase the medium concentration.